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StockingsStockings - Stockings in a range of colors, sizes, materials and more. We mainly cover female hosiery including black and red stockings, but we also cover compression stockings. Others include silk, seamed, nylon & sexy stockings.

Silk stocking can be worn anywhere work, social events or for the extra special someone in your life. Browse a good selection of silk stockings provided for you from a few different websites.

Silk Stockings

Pure silk stockings (Click to enlarge)
Pure 100% Silk


Experience the ultimate luxury of legendary 100% pure silk. Everyone should try silk stockings at least once, they have an incredible softness that cannot be compared, silk really feels sensual on your legs. Many women wear Stockin Girl's silk stockings for weddings, but they are a perfect gift too! These stockings are 100% 15 denier soft, luxurious silk and features reinforced heels and toes (RHT). Silk stockings are available in five sizes from small to opera and in four colors: white, nude, pearl grey and jet black.

Pure silk (Click to enlarge)
100% Pure Silk


100% luminous silk and features beautiful wide lace with a contrasting lace top and two silicone strips to keep them snug fitting on your legs. Available now for only $54.99 from Stockin Girl's.

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Stockin Girl - Stockings by Stockin Girl, online shop for silk stockings, nylon stockings, hosiery, pantyhose, thigh highs and pantyhose, free shipping on U.S.orders over $75, contact website for international shipping.

My Tights - Gerbe silk stockings from My Tights, shop by type or brand, speciality products, delivers to anywhere in the EU, USA, Canada and most other destinations.

Fantasy Girl - Fantasy Girl stockings, silk stockings, women's stockings, e-mail website for shipping information.

All prices and information on this page were correct on the date of November 24th 2006.

Gerbe silk stockings
Gerbe Silk Stockings


These are decadents and luxurious offering from Gerbe. The silk truly delivers its trademark and reputable properties of softness and style making these stockings feel like a breath of fresh air against your skin.

As well as being incredibly light they are extremely sheer and delicate, and as a caution they should be handled extremely carefully. That said, do not be deterred these are a pure indulgence, they ooze femininity and sexuality and look undeniably stunning when worn. For as little as 29.95 you can buy these stockings from My Tights.

Belle pure silk stockings (Click to enlarge)
Belle Pure Silk


These beautiful sheer silk stockings are 100% pure silk with a traditional silk reinforced toe, shaped at knitting time and then boarded on traditional boarders after dyeing.

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