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StockingsStockings - Stockings in a range of colors, sizes, materials and more. We mainly cover female hosiery including black and red stockings, but we also cover compression stockings. Others include silk, seamed, nylon & sexy stockings.

Lycra stockings
Lycra Stockings


You can buy these stockings and many more here at Arsenic Fashions.

Black stockings can make a woman feel and look very sexy. On this page you can find a good selection of black stockings, you can find pictures, prices, shipping info and descriptions.

Black Stockings

All prices and information on this page were correct on the date of November 23rd 2006.

Sheer nylon stockings
Sheer Nylon Stockings


Black sheer nylon stockings, plain top, from Shirley of Hollywood. Sexy nylon stockings perfect for garters and a great addition to sexy adult costumes, corsets and any lingerie outfit. The three black stockings displayed here can all be bought from Pampered Passions.

Sheer stretch knit stockings
Sheer Stretch Knit Stockings

From Shirley of Hollywood, these sheer stretch knit stockings with diagonal stripe and stretch lace top are available in the following colors: black, white. One size, shown with garterbelt and a great price of only $15.30.

Sexy lingerie from Shirley of Hollywood, these sheer stretch knit stockings with woven floral vines and polka dots with stretch lace top. Only comes in black, one size and are shown with matching garterbelt and thong. $15.30.
Sheer stretch knit stockings
Sheer Stretch Knit Stockings

Black Silk StockingsBlack Silk - The feeling of black silk stockings on your legs can make you feel very special and sexy. Silk stocking can be worn for work, social events or for the extra special someone.

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Pampered Passions - Black stockings, sheer stretch knit stockings, international and express shipping services are calculated automatically and posted for customer review before finalizing the order.

Arsenic Fashions - A wide range of black stocking, corsets, dresses, gloves & armwarmers and much more, all addresses outside the USA are shipped via Priority mail.

Sock Dreams - Big selection of different color socks, black stockings, ship internationally to most countries, but require Paypal as payment on international orders.

Velvet over the knee
Velvet Over the Knee


Labeled as a thigh, but definitely more of an OTK. Soft velvet stockings keep your legs extra warm and look super hot. Whether you wear them with lingerie, cut offs & boots or anything in between, these have got to be a must have for most of us. If you are interested in these black stockings you can purchase them from here Sock Dreams.

Chevrons with white details
Chevrons with White Details


If you don't like black, no problem! You can choose from a wide range of different colors right here Sock Dreams. The O chevrons over the knees with lace-like white chevron detailing down to the toes. These stay up very well on most legs.

Sheer stripe thigh high
Sheer Stripe Thigh High


Sheer & opaque stripes combine to give your legs an extra sexy appearance. These are stretchy & comfy, going all the way up your legs & staying up for many hours of activity. For more information on these black stockings refer to Sock Dreams.

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